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A girl who got sucked into the world of kpop and how her world spiraled down into insanity.Obsessed with T.O.P and Tao. Multifandom.. [ | ]


i’m not looking for a relationship but shit, i wish i was

tao and f(x)’s victoria for swarovski

tao for swarovski


i need to start working out…

I’m different from normal peopleI like being aloneSolo solo day, i’m feeling happier today


if im understanding this right lee hoo literally got fed up w/ his company ranted on twitter destroyed his ceo’s career and bought his own company all w/in like 2 days i have never been More Impressed holy shit this is the defintion of getting shit done


When the bae comes over but you haven’t shaved your legs

sleeping beauty (▰˘◡˘▰)